Cultural Prevalence of Divorce Hits Sesame Street

"D is for 'Divorce.'" This was the resounding message that the infamous Muppet characters of Sesame Street tackled in one of its most recent episodes, which will not be aired on television, but instead as a web series that is part of the show's "targeted" programming schedule. Now in its 44th season, Sesame Street is well-known for its resounding eagerness to address current social topics, especially those that are most likely to be affecting the young children who watch the show regularly.

Never known to shy away from tough subjects, the writers of the famous children's television series did not hesitate - or hold back - as they broached the subject of divorce in an episode earlier this month. While this is not the first culturally significant program that the show has aired, for some families, it is arguably the most poignant. For decades, Sesame Street has covered topics as far reaching as the death of a loved and even the difficulties posed by tough economic times. If it's relevant to a child or family's life, Sesame Street is ready to address it; and divorce has now been added to its list of topics of concern.

Writers and producers of the beloved television (and web) series openly suggest that the web videos are intended to address the tough topics that kids are now facing, especially kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity to understand said issues on their terms. As a blog on the show's website eloquently put, "If it's a challenge young children face in their lives, it's a challenge Sesame Street would like to help them weather." Given the growing statistics of divorce rates in areas throughout the country over the past few decades, it's understandable that the topic of divorce would finally enter into the lives of Muppet characters such as Elmo, Rosita, and Abby Cadabby.

The series, "Little Children, Big Problems: Divorce," is geared toward the millions of young children who experience divorce throughout the country. Parents who might be struggling to explain what's happening to their children can utilize the resources provided in Sesame Street's latest web series, where the treasured characters that they have grown to love help them understand the changes that are happening in terms that they can relate to. Divorcing parents can also learn from the show's featured characters, as Elmo and his fellow Muppets give divorce parents strategies on how to communicate with their children and support them during the divorce process.

Long-time viewers of the show may recognize that this is not the first time that Sesame Street writers have approached the topic of divorce. Twenty years ago, in 1992, the show also attempted to cover the topic of divorce, but at a slightly different angle; however, the episode was stifled before ever being aired. Now, two decades later, the issue continues to be one that affects a number of children throughout the U.S., and as such, it is a topic that has once again entered the lives of Sesame Street's Muppet cast. This time, however, it will air, and it will represent the growing significance of divorcing families in states throughout the country.

The statistics of marriages that end in divorce in the U.S. range from 30% to 50% among all first marriages, and account for 60% of all second marriages in the country. Looking at these numbers, it's easy to see why Sesame Street found cultural relevance in addressing the topic of divorce for its targeted viewers. In states throughout the U.S., couples are parting ways at an alarming rate, and it's not always easy to shoulder the burden of explaining what's going on to children who might be too young to fully understand it. Enter Sesame Street. Ever in tune with the current societal trends of our country, the show now offers parental advice and child exposure to a phenomenon that continues to affect millions of children and adults nationwide.

The same support that Sesame Street aims to provide the viewers of its divorce web series can be found at Stadler Law Group as well. As Atlanta divorce attorneys that have been practicing in the field for more than 20 years, we have weathered the ups and downs in family lifestyles among Georgia residents for decades. From common aspects of the divorce process to more complicated ones, we are here to help our clients confront the issues ahead of them, and maintain as much familial stability as possible during a process that caters to anything but. The cultural prevalence of divorce that has been recognized by Sesame Street has not been lost on our legal team either. We are here to help our clients and their children amicably move forward, so contact us today.

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