What Determines Child Support?

Child Support Lawyer In Atlanta, GA

Child support is an important part of the divorce process. When children are involved in a marital split, it is important that the custodial parent receives adequate support from the noncustodial parent to assist in the upbringing of their child or children. Child support provides monetary contributions for education, medical care and other expenses that will arise throughout the child's upbringing. Georgia family law does recognize a few factors in helping to determine the amount of child support, such as:

  • Determining both parents' income

  • Adding and deducting the adjusted income to create a combined income
  • Determining the basic child support obligations
  • Calculating the pro rata share of support obligations
  • Taking into consideration adjustments, mortgages, alimony and income

Other factors that may come into play include the amount of parenting time that each parent will have with the child, the insurance that is available to the child, travel expenses to spend time with the child, income based on monthly or annual salary, and other deviations.

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