Parenting Tips During A Divorce

Divorce can be messy for couples; determining who gets what, what money will be paid in support and keeping your cool throughout the process can be stressful. It is especially important, however, that you work hard to maintain a good disposition if children are involved in your divorce. Children are especially susceptible to negativity and influences from their parents, which is why it is imperative that you work hard to retain your parental rights and avoid alienating your child from the other parent. Many studies have shown that children benefit from the involvement of both parents in their lives and even divorced parents can be "adults" about even the ugliest of divorces for their children's sake. If you are facing a divorce, it is important that you follow these tips to help ensure that you reduce as much stress for your children as possible. Team up with an Atlanta divorce lawyer to help you!

Maintain Support
Support from friends and relatives can be important for not only parents, but children as well. Children will benefit greatly from visits with family members and friends that they had before the separation. This can show children, especially young children, that although things may be changing, there will still be consistencies throughout their lives.

Do Not Argue In Front Of Your Children
As difficult as it may be when you are frustrated with a spouse or ex-spouse, every effort should be made to avoid arguing in front of your children. Negative emotions can have a severe impact on children and can harm their psychological well-being. Face-to-face arguments, phone arguments, derogatory remarks and other negative feelings should be completely avoided in the presence of children.

Comparing your child or another person to your ex-spouse or other parent needs to be avoided. The negative comparisons can damage your child emotionally and cause serious stress and anxiety.

Maintaining Routines
Establishing and maintaining routines during a divorce can show your child or children that they are still respected and not forgotten during this changing and often challenging time. If you have family dinners together every night, it is important that you still continue to do so. Making a "mommy and me" day or working at a fun hobby together can help children cope with change.

Reconnecting with your children post-divorce is important. To retain good relationships with your children, it is important that you take them on outings, connect with them over sports and hobbies, and make sure that they know they are not forgotten and that they are appreciated as individuals.

Placing Blame
Blaming your children for your divorce is extremely unhealthy. Telling them they are the reason you split, that the other parent hates them, etc., can cause serious mental and emotional trauma.

Healing And Moving Forward
To heal and move forward, it can be important that parents and children work together on maintaining routines and positive relationships. It can benefit everyone to seek counseling.

Adjusting To Divorce
Children adjusting to divorce can be moody and disconnected and have plenty of questions about why and how. Letting the children know that what has happened is for the best and helping them get used to routines such as sharing custody can be difficult, but important in their upbringing.

Trusting The Other Parent
Although you separated for your own specific reasons, if a judge has determined that the other parent is fit enough to have partial custody of a child, it is important to trust that parent during visits.

Creating A Plan
Creating a plan for weekends, holidays and special occasions is important. Knowing that one or the other parent may not always get a chance to be involved may be hard, but it is crucial for the stability of the children that you do all that you can to provide a positive environment for them.

As stated before, people separate and split for different reasons, but if there are children involved, and a judge has determined that they are fit parents and have partial custody, it is important that you work together. Co-parenting may involve you two getting along during important events and milestones in your child's life and reflecting only a positive image of the other parent on the child.

If it is time that your life move forward or you find that your ex is getting remarried, it is important to establish a positive relationship between your child and the stepparent. Stepparents and adjusting to a new spouse can be difficult for a child, and even if agreements are not fully seen between you and your ex, it is important that a happy and enriching environment be available for the children.

Dealing With An Uninvolved Parent
There are many cases where a divorce or separation causes one parent to have full custody and the parent becomes completely or partially uninvolved. You can take legal action to ensure that you still receive child support.

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