How To Recognize Alienation

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Do you fear that you may be facing parental alienation from your child's other parent? That parent may wish to paint a negative image of you in your child's head for many reasons; mostly, it comes from jealousy or anger over a breakup or divorce. It is important that you recognize the warning signs that you may be facing alienation and work with an Atlanta divorce lawyer who can help you fight for the rights of your children and a custody order that is in their best interests.

There are a lot of signs that your child may be falling victim to alienating thoughts or actions. The most common include anger toward the alienated parent, distancing, lack of communication and emotional detachment. Thoughts and feelings directed toward the alienated parent are often planted in the child's head by the other parent and actions or statements from the other parent may be "parroted" by the child, with phrases and words uncommon for a child to speak. Sudden changes in mood, such as a happy child turning angry and bitter, are a sure sign that something strange is going on.

Consult With An Atlanta Divorce Attorney

It is often easy for parents to recognize that something is out of the ordinary in their children's lives. Alienation does not usually happen overnight, but the process can be easily recognized by an intuitive parent. If you assume that something may be going on with your ex, it is important that you approach an attorney about your case. Parental alienation syndrome is a recognized mental disorder caused by excessive turmoil and negative thoughts hammered into a child's head regarding the other parent. This mentally abusive state is unhealthy for both parent and child and you may be able to get a modification to your custody orders. Our Atlanta family lawyers at Stadler Law Group may be able to help. Contact an Atlanta divorce attorney as soon as possible to learn more!