First Steps To Start A Divorce

Are you ready to file for divorce? Even if you are considering filing, it is important that you take the time to speak with an Atlanta divorce attorney and discuss all possible options. Divorce and other family law issues can be incredibly stressful and require the dedicated experience of a professional to help you determine the best legal options. If you are considering the following steps, it is important you contact Stadler Law Group.

Exhaust All Options
Divorce can be stressful. Many people do not realize how much is involved financially, mentally and emotionally. If you have tried separation, counseling and other options, you may be ready to file for divorce.

Determine Joint Assets
Determining what is "yours" and "ours" is important. It could be beneficial for you and your spouse to look at joint assets and decide what will be split and how. Things like mortgages, property and joint bank accounts will be separated between the splitting parties. It is important to remember as well that joint debt will be distributed between you and your spouse and some things will be used to pay off debt. Separating yourself financially from your spouse at this time may be beneficial to you.

Work With An Attorney
Family law is complicated and having an attorney can greatly benefit your case. Representing yourself is never a good option, especially when emotions are running high. Having an attorney on your side will ensure that there is someone there fighting for you and your case. Court documents, divorce papers and other legal preparations can all be handled by an experienced divorce attorney.

Be Prepared To Serve Papers
Once you have an attorney, you can discuss what kind of divorce you want and prepare all divorce documents. These papers will be served to your spouse as the next step to completing your divorce.

Our Atlanta Divorce Attorneys Can Help!

As difficult as this time in your life may be, it is important that you work with an attorney. Our firm can help you file papers, determine all possible legal solutions and guide you through this stressful time. We want to aggressively defend your case and provide you with swift and efficient completion of your divorce so you can begin moving forward with your life. Our firm works on a flat-fee basis, so there are never any hidden costs. Contact an Atlanta divorce lawyer at Stadler Law Group, LLC, today to begin moving forward with your life.